2015 Half Year Review

I’ve done a yearly review for the past few years, but so much has already happened this year that I felt the need to write down as many events as I can remember. It’s only July and I feel like a whole year has passed.

We celebrated new years with grilled cheese and champagne. Then again with Korean food and Karaoke. Weikei moved in. I surfed with Mihai and Carol a bunch. Lu turned 1 year older. I went on a lot of dates. Genevieve set up knitting nights and I attempted leg warmers. I indefinitely lent Mike my piano. We had regular cousin dinners for a while. I went to vegas for Chels’s Bachelorette party. Then again for Corbet’s 30th. There was lots of drinking. Richard and I made it official and he took me to dinner for my birthday. I had jury duty and met James Marsden and a woman named Daisy. I went to Chi-town to run a 5k with Jimmy. Jimmy came to LA and we hung out and ate a lot. I took the GRE. Coachella happened. Then Richard and I went to SF for two weddings. We watched the Rockets get smashed by the Clippers =(. We tried parkour. I went back and forth about our relationship. I watched Weikei do comedy and we had crabs. Richard took me to a wedding in PV. I took Richard to buy a bike. We rode. I got new teeth. Weikei and I went to Cornell for graduation. The australians came to town and Corbet made a visit. I did yoga. I taught yoga. We are getting ready for Burning Man. We broke up. I went to EDC and made new friends. I cried. We are working on mending the broken spots. We are making plans for the future. I went to Darios wedding and took my parents to dinner. I am figuring out life.

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