In 2013 my world opened up to dance music and love. Since then I’ve coveted all the experiences, the raves, the concerts, and the music. But mostly the love. Unfortunately love is not always happy and easy. I’ve been up and down on the roller coaster of love and music for the past two years. Tomorrow, however, marks the first day of America’s rave mecca. EDC Las Vegas.

Last year when sales opened, I bought a ticket not knowing anyone that was going and put my faith into the universe to help me get there and bask in love and music. Well it’s happened. A friend invited me to join her group. I met a few others who are going to be there. I was dating a lover of music. I wanted to share my first EDC with him and make new happy memories.

But today is a different day. My experiences between last October and now have been hard and heavy. I’m not going to be there with the lover of music, but I will be there with a friend. I will make new friends. But most importantly I need to rediscover my love of music.

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