Positive Thoughts

Comparing yourself.

For years and years and years I compared myself. My parents compared me to others. Others compared me to themselves. When you’re young all you do is compare. Always there was mental dialogue saying, “I’m not as hot. My eyes are too small. I have a roll of fat. I’m not smart enough.”

Until I relized that these thoughts were poison to my soul and that I was the only one perpetuating them. Not my parents, not my friends, not anyone. I had grown up and become independent, successful, confident yet still I was comparing. Then I found yoga. Yoga taught me how to stop comparing and just focus on myself. And I removed the poison. I obtained a mental calm.

I felt that this mentality of letting go and not comparing was the way to go. But then a spark.

I was arguing that comparison was not a good way to think. He argued back, “When I see a really good runner, I compare myself and think wow I want to be like him/her because I want to get faster. They become an inspiration to me.”

No negative thoughts came out of this comparison! How does this work? I don’t understand it, but I want it. I feel like I’ve lived a life full of negative thoughts and only since moving to LA have I been able to bring myself back to zero. I’ve been wondering how else I could grow or change and now I know.

Positive thoughts.

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