This Year’s Theme: Vulnerability

There seems to be a reoccuring thing going on in my life and that is sharing personal and intimate things openly with everyone.

I love it and fear it at the same time. I don’t remember when I felt like being open was better than being closed. But I used to be so closed. I used to like holding onto my fear and pain and I would stew in the feelings of regret and remorse. I used to want a knight in shining armor to come and save my from myself. How naive I was to think I could not save myself and how selfish I was to hold everything in.

Now I know everyone wants to help, you just have to give them a primer. Now I know I can take care of myself and love myself the way I am. I don’t need a knight. I just need to grow and keep being me.

I do remember when I decided to live fearlessly. I had just graduated from college and entered into this world where I had no expectations, no goals, and no one telling me what to do. I wanted to experience everything, to grow my social skills and to learn so I went for it. In everything. I had to network all the time and make new friends. I would go hang out with groups of people I hardly knew and do lots of things by myself. I did an MS150 and raised $4k for charity. Can you believe I used to be shy? Maybe I still am a little shy. But I would never have imagined that I could be who I am today and now I’ve realized that there’s still more growing to be done.

Vulnerability is my theme this year. If you see me, ask me about something personal and help me grow. I’ll do the same for you.

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