Because convention is restricting

“We waste time looking for the perfect lover, instead of creating the perfect love.” Tom Robbins.

These words make me think that our childhood ideals are just that – Ideals. Intangible and impossible. Searching for the perfect whatever has led me down a lot of dead ends and into dissapointment. Living in the clouds instead of living on the ground is my nature and it’s been hard to break the habit and really embrace that reality does not consist of ideals. Living in the here and now is and has been my biggest challenge in life.

Searching for perfection has been a huge fallacy in life. Nothing is perfect nor will it be perfect. There is no perfect job, no perfect love, no perfect life. Life is dark and light and everything in between. Life would not be life without a little color no matter how dark the shade.

I used to think of post-college as this empty space. A blackhole of sorts that I didn’t know how to handle when I got there. Always I was frustrated at this or that and wanted to change or leave, but after 28 years I’ve learned that I can work with what I have to create something really good for myself. Or is it that through all the changing I’ve developed things to work with now?

This society where the end goal is a family, a home, a career, stability and roots is now suffocating to me. What if I no longer want those things? What if I don’t want a fulfiling career? What if I want to just wander? What if I don’t want one long, fulfilling, hard-working love, but many short, meaningful, effortless loves?

It’s time to stop looking and time to start working on what I have in front of me.

thanks for the quote roseinmidair

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