The Internet is Here

Three years and 1.5 months of living in LA and today we have established a connection to the internet. At first it was unecessary as my roommate and I were never home or too busy to use it. And then I just learned to live without it. Seriously. I took 3 online classes from UCLA and one MCAT course from Princeton Review without internet. Online homeworks, online lectures, online reading all of which I did through my phone at a cafe nearby. Why? I guess I never felt like it was such an inconvenience to go to a cafe and get a delicious drink and sit with others who were also working. Ok, maybe during that MCAT course, but at that time I didn’t really need to go to the trouble just for 3 months if I didn’t want it the rest of the year.

I guess I also felt like this was a luxury I would try to live without for as long as possible. And I did it for 3 years. I didn’t really miss it. I just lived. I bet it did keep me away from TV though. That will forever be priceless. But my roommate started taking classes again and with her busy schedule the convenience just made sense. One thing I think will definitely happen is that I will write more.

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