2014 in Summary

We started in Vegas. We went to Joshua Tree and climbed rocks. We backpacked! Big Sur, Treasure Lakes, Lake Genevieve and somewhere in the dessert. My first Coachella. I met Dianna. I saw Tegan and Sara. I learned how to be an EMT. The summer was hot and the winter was mild. It finally rained. ABGT100. Pattie and Thi got married. I ate turkey at home. I went to Whistler with Linh and Carla and Brian. I went to Squamish with Brandon and got bit by mosquitoes. John Legend sang to me at the Disney Concert Hall. I turned 28 on a rollercoaster at Magic Mountain and I taught yoga all the Thursdays I could. We saw Britney at Planet Hollywood. I took my parents around Vegas and we ate surf and turf. Vignette turned 30 on the Merry Go Round in Santa Monica. My brother turned 30 in Houston. We saw Flume. We fought a lot. We canoed up to Hoover Dam. We went to the beach. I biked. I always bike. Jason and Leng got married. We saw Katy Perry. I went to the east coast to see my brother, Rose and Korina. My brothers came to LA to hang out. I broke up with Brandon. I went to Disneyland. I bought a new phone and fixed my old one. I made pasta. I got rear ended. John passed. I cried. I saw Armin spin. 2014 was just a lot of staying still or not knowing where to go. But the end started to take me somewhere. Carol helped me rediscover the ocean and I was finally ready to move on.

2015 will be a good year.

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