You Always Meet Twice in a Lifetime

I used to be so very sentimental. Full of feeling and empathy and happiness for my friends and life. High school was probably the happiest time of my life. A place where I shared ideals and understandings about life and love. One day I was sad about saying goodbye to someone…now I forget who, but another friend of mine, David, sat with me and said, “You know, you always meet twice in a lifetime.” And since then goodbyes to have never been indefinite goodbyes.  I find comfort in choosing to believe that I will meet people again somewhere, somehow and so far I think it’s rung true.

Right now I’m waiting to see someone again who said goodbye to me a few years ago. We didn’t know each other for longer than a handful of months, but he changed my life and that is something I want him to know. He taught me that life is made of small moments and if you don’t acknowledge them then your life will just pass you by.

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