A Friend Called Television

This week I reacquainted myself with my television. Three years ago I came LA with no TV. My roommate didn’t own a TV and didn’t have internet. So we didn’t watch TV or have internet for a long time. But this post is about TV. More on the internet later. Anyway about a year ago my cousin moved from LA and I inherited his TV. For a long time I only watched periodically, but then every few months on a non-activity day I would binge watch. This week I’ve watched at least 4 hours of TV every day after work and it has been awesome. This is how I grew up, in front of the TV. Looney Tunes and Tom and Jerry are still my favorite cartoons. We watched the Power Rangers and fought imaginary villains. We watched all The Simpsons episodes over and over again on Fox. Nova and Star Trek were the nightly dinner shows and my mom has been a loyal fan of The Letterman Show since I can remember. Saturday mornings at home were spent learning how to cook from Jacque Pepin or the chefs on America’s Test Kitchen. So many hours in front of the TV. Must be why it’s comforting now.

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