Love Stories

The easiest way to get people talking is to figure out what they care about. If they are married or have a family, then you hit the jackpot because parents or spouses who are really happy will not shut up about their loves. Hearing a couple’s love story is always fun, inspiring, and makes me happy. Genuine love will always baffle and surprise me.

Lately I’ve been thinking about a conversation I had with my boss at UCLA. We were the only two people on a phone conference waiting for everyone else to join and he was working from home. His son made a babbling nosie and our conversation went kinda like this:

Me, “What’s your sons name?”
“Ethan. Don’t mind him, he’s trying to eat the phone.”
“And you’re going to let him?!”
“Hahaha, no!”
(It was a Saturday. Yes. We had to work on Saturday)
“Is your wife home with you guys?”
“No, she’s out. It’s just us boys.”
“How did you meet your wife?” I asked because meeting stories are just as good as falling in love stories.
“We met in high school. We’ve known each other for over 10 years.”
“Oh! Wow thats a long time to be together.”
“Actually we didn’t get together until about three years ago.”
      Whoa! These situtations are always so interesting to me because how do you suddenly change your mind and decide that you want to marry someone you’ve friend zoned for so long?
I asked, “So how did you know you should get married? Sorry if I’m prying.”
He said, “Oh no you’re not. I’m actually a pretty open person.”
Then he paused a minute and told me,

“We accepted each other for who we were.”

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