75% of people in the U.S. hate their job.

Ok so this statistic was based on a population of 8 people from a party last night, but seriously how many people do you know that can say they love their job? Some people may be in between, which is better than hating your job, but honestly I can only think of one or two people in my life who can honestly say, “I’ve found my calling.”

Finding what you were meant for takes a lot of work. You have to spend time and money searching, trying, and experiencing life. You have to get to know yourself and what you care about. You have to change. Rip the band aid off, jump off the cliff, and do what is hard. Success doesn’t come to those who sit comfortably. Successful people have suffered and sacrificed. Truth. You can’t have it all. At least not right away.

Remain steadfast, open minded and most of all keep in touch with your friends. Change is hard, but change is good.

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