Enseñando y escribiendo

Last night I was teaching yoga and three older Latin ladies walked into class. They were little and seemed nice and they planted their mats in a row like best friends. It was great, but it soon became obvious that they spoke very little English. They weren´t following my cues and often looked at me to see what I was doing. One of them seemed to follow better and so she was kind of the relay point between me and the other two. I had started about 30 minutes prior to their arrival because we had changed the class time a few months ago. I had never seen them before so I think they were still used to the old time. Anyway there was no way I would be able to start using Spanish. I´ve hardly begun to grasp the tenses let alone translate yoga cues into Spanish after I had been teaching for 30 minutes. But it really made me want to work on becoming fluent. Knowing another language opens you up to so much more. If I could I would learn them all.

But alas, I can only learn one at a time. So now I´ve promised myself that I will be translating my blog posts to Spanish as best I can just for my own benefit. If you see a mistake please let me know! Don´t worry if you don´t know Spanish there will be no difference in content compared to the English version. But if you feel the need, there is always google translate.


Anoche estaba enseñando yoga cuando tres mayores mujeres llegaron a mi clase. Ellas pusieron sus tapetitos de yoga en una línea como amigas mejores. Que linda, pero fue muy obvio que ellas no hablan inglés. Ellas no me comprendían y miraban a mi mucho. Quise que usar español pero llegaron treinta minutos tarde y usando español habría muy difícil. No fue posible. Después de les encontré, yo quise hablar con fluido. En lo sucesivo, yo voy a traducir mis notas para practicar español. Sabiendo otro idioma te das muchas oportunidades. Sí es posible, yo aprenderá todos los idiomas. Entonces, Este es mi primer nota en español!

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