First Teach

Thursday night was my first time teaching a real yoga class. I signed up to teach for free at Heal One World. This non-profit organization works to promote natural and holistic healing through wellness and physical health. They offer free yoga every night of the week as well as nutrition counseling and various other services.

I had one student. Haha. It was great because it was someone who had been doing yoga but still needed to work on basic technique. I got there 30 mins early so I had time to work on my sequence. It was also my first time doing yoga on my own. I prefer a classroom environment to motivate me through the harder poses but I guess I should accept that I’m capable enough to do my own practice now. That’s what I’ve trained for right?

Anyway I’m glad I taught. It was the first time I really put myself out of my comfort zone in a long while. The fear and anxiety were pretty unfamiliar.

I need to do more fearful things.

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