Life Update

These past 3 days I didn’t have any teacher training sessions. Fortunately it was the same weekend as Thanksgiving so I had plenty of events to fill my time. It was a slew of hanging out with friends, family, and eating. So much eating. I definitely broke the vege code more than a few times and I’m surprised I don’t feel more bloated than I do right now. I was also able to get some new clothes and such from the holiday sales.

But the yoga hiatus was much needed. I am not a person that can do something so often voluntarily. As much as I love cycling I usually take a few months off per year because I’m sick of doing it once or twice a week. Also I usually like to explore various teachers to keep my yoga intellectually stimulating, but I’m finding that it’s harder to focus in Ally and Charlie’s classes because I’m so used to their cues and nuances now. I can predict what I will hear and zone out for a few seconds here and there. Not good for my practice.

Anyway this Saturday is an Ashtanga practice which should be fun and then only three more weeks of yoga left. Three more weeks. Change is good.

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