First Crash

Yea. I crashed. Like a serious jarring downfall. This isn’t like I just stopped and fell or slid and fell. I was going at probably 16 mph, we started going downhill and I hit a crack in the road, one that only fits 700c x 23 road tires and then lots happened to where I felt like I was flipping and falling. I would describe it like catching your edge on your snowboard and tumbling. Not just falling on your ass, but you do a roll or two and get disoriented. I was on the ground for about a minute or two thinking “Oh Sh!t I broke something.” and not wanting to move. When I finally got my self together I felt OK except for a giant pain in my chin, but I looked left and suddenly realized that my friend was on the ground too. But she wasn’t moving. That “Oh Sh!t” was worse.

I called 911 and she started to come to. We got her out of the road and it took her about 15 minutes before she remembered crashing. She refused to go to the ER, but the ambulance gave us a ride to the nearest train and she arranged with a friend to drive us home. After a shower, some water, ibuprofen, and the 5th Element she felt better and we felt like her brain was out of the danger zone. I still gave her a call a few hours later to make sure she was really OK. She was. =)
Luckily her bike was unscathed. Mine however, did not fare so well. Both shifters are out of alignment, stem and bars are too. I need new tape and my bars are scratched. My brake shifter is broke but still works. I think duct tape will be the solution for now. I think my rear wheel is out of tru but I haven’t assessed. Everything else seems fine. I need to do a crack inspection too. =(
I have various cuts and bruises all of which are making my shower experience not fun. My sun sleeves are done, but luckily my clothes and phone were saved from damage.
The group we were riding with was great. They were super helpful and supportive while we were deciding what to do with ourselves. I’m glad my first crash didn’t lead to the hospital. Two visits in two months would have been horrible.

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