Meatless Continued

It’s week 6 of my teacher training and things are going really well. I thought 12+ hrs of yoga per week would be way too much and I would get frustrated without any variety in activity. Actually it’s been pretty great. I’m learning about poses, how to teach with cues, a little bit of sequencing, and adjusting bodies, but mostly I’m practicing yoga. I am getting stronger, more flexible, and more balanced. Advanced poses are in the near future right after I am done rehabbing my carpal tunnel hand.

Anyway after the last post I made a more honest effort to cut meat out of my diet. I even went to Costco to search for those B12 pills in bulk. When I said that those things were 120% of your daily value, boy was I wrong. That sh*t is 41,667% of your daily value. Truth is on the label.

So I put that crap back down and bought 3lbs of almonds instead and a 6 inch wheel of Brie cheese. I also went to Trader Joe’s and bought some hemp protein power to mix with milk and yogurt. Between all that, tofu and eggs I have my meat cravings down to almost never.

The past few days I was kind of surprised to find that I haven’t missed meat at all. That thought made me feel pretty empowered. One less thing I have to rely on in life. I won’t say there aren’t times I want to eat it cause it smells good, but there have been just as many times where I don’t want to eat meat because I know it will be hard for me to digest. The deeper I get into this process the less I will want to eat meat because it’ll make me feel less healthy and more sluggish. Now I see why my teachers asked us to go vegetarian. It’s a trap! A downward spiral into becoming hippy and I totally fell for it. Oh well too late now.

I also got a vegetarian coach. Her name is Heather and she sits about 5 cubes away. She’s been giving me advice and brings some delicious food to share during lunch. This week I’m giving kale and Tofurkey a go. Steamed kale with sesame oil and tofurkey sausage with pasta is on the menu. I have to say that tofurkey is pretty good. Of course you can’t expect it to taste like meat, but if you expect it to taste like tofu you’ll be pleasantly surprised cause it’s got a good flavor. Also on the menu is tomato soup with yogurt. The vege saga continues.

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