Yoga Journey

This is really becoming a journey. At the first class Ally and Charlie (the instructors) talked about how they wanted this experience to become a transformation for us. Transformation. When I first thought about that I was kind of skeptical. How would I become transformed? I’m already in a good place with who I am and what values I cherish. I know myself pretty well and take care of myself (food, exercise, lifestyle). I’ve spent a lot of time self reflecting, because that’s who I am. I spend copious amounts of time in my head just thinking. I could sit and think for hours and not know how long it had been.

But today’s class was about the philosophy of Yoga. The origins, teachings, and spirituality involved. Yoga-Sutra or yogic teachings are based upon the idea that everyone and everything is composed of energy. You are energy, I am energy, trees are energy, the stars have energy, and so on. Our energies are different depending on our emotions and actions, but energies nonetheless. I believe this because to put it simply, you feel it. You feel more energized after a good meal or a great workout. When you meet someone you feel their energy; sometimes you click well immediately and sometimes your energies create a repelling force.

Yoga is all about cleansing that energy and making it pure so that you can find a “higher self” or inner peace. In order to really find that purity you need to practice the Yoga-Sutras of which some are: compassion, truthfulness, kindness, discipline, contentment, and study. A majority of which I already practice to some extent. I have a great self awareness that helps me catch negative energy so that I can try to redirect it into positive energy. For example when get jealous over another person’s beauty I can catch it and consciously stop myself and try to turn it into admiration. I am not perfect. There are definitely some areas that could use work, but having these things spelled out for me helped me identify where I could start to delve a little deeper. For instance I’ve been going on dates, but if someone wants to keep seeing me when I don’t feel the same way I’m not always truthful in my responses. I make excuses like “I’m sorry I have plans that night” When I should just tell them that I don’t think it would work out instead of leaving it open ended or just letting the silence be the answer. Silence is rude. I’m rude.

Anyway my point is that this is starting to become a journey for me. Expect more blogging in the near future. This blog might end up becoming a book like “Yoga and the Quest for the True Self”. Who knows. P.S. I hear that is a really good book.

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