Well friends I have moved to LA. And it is amazing.

The city is so dense and the weather is so nice that the best minds, skills, and entertainers flock out here. I found a yoga studio that teaches inversions beyond my comprehension. The yogis are so strong I don’t know how I will ever get to that level.

The coaches are abundant. I’ve already been solicited to join a triathlon club and obtain coaching to complete my first tri.

I’ve already met a flock of aspiring actors and musicians. Humble in that they hope to make it big but are conscientious of life so that they don’t forget to enjoy it.

If you love people. Come here. They are so diverse in mind, body and soul because half of the people that live here are from somewhere else. They are all taking life step by step and the directions are so varied that you find a new opinion around every corner.

Anyway back to bikes. I’ve decided that once I find time I’m going to build my fixie.

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