Oh yea, Cycling is better than Partying

This weekend served as a good reminder as to why I stopped going out and why I love cycling.

Friday night was just an all day happy hour extravaganza ending up at some club on Washington. It had been a while since I had more than 1 drink consecutively and they were not that great. For a gastro lounge I was disappointed. It was actually fun during the fact. I had a good time listening to music and chatting with old acquaintances. There was plenty of wild and it reminded me that I like it wild.

But when I woke up at 1pm the next day I was like. Shit. No I didn’t have a hang over. I had just slept the whole day away. I wanted to wake up early to go cycling. Instead I pressed snooze one too many times and then my whole day was gone. To put it simply. I was pissed. Mad at myself for letting it happen. Mad at myself for giving into peer pressure. Horrible.

Today though. Today was a cycling day. I registered last minute for the Continental Cycling Classic and got up at 515am for the ride. 67 miles of beautiful weather, rolling hills through Sam Houston National Park and good friends. They keep our pace above 15 and made riding all the more fun. That was the best ride I’ve had in a long time. Got home at a late 4pm and fell into an exhausted sleep. This is the kind of day you want to have. At the end you feel so accomplished, healthy and hungry. Everything is twice as good after a long ride. Showers are warmer. The bed is more comfortable. Food is more tasty. Why would I give up something like this?

Not to knock down partying. But that I will be doing only on special occasions. I still like it, just…I would rather wake up ridiculously early and ride. This weekend reminded why I chose cycling over clubs.

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