Sun & Ski Sunday Spontaneity

This morning I decided to try a different ride to change things up. Sun and Ski Westheimer hosts a ride from their shop to downtown and back. This is a 15-16 mph ride that caters to cyclist that want a chill ride after a hard Saturday ride. It was great. Everyone was friendly and I learned everyone’s name. It was intimate; there were only about 7 of us so we all got to talk with each other. The leader used to be in the special forces and he had some GREAT war stories. I also met a woman who had lived all over the world including Indonesia and England, but yet I could have just thought she was a southerner through and through.

Mid ride we stopped at Catalina Coffee shop, which was a quaint little place off Washington. They had great prices and good food. The atmosphere was wonderful; artsy and daring. What a find. I have to go back.

Great ride. So much fun. I didn’t even realize we had gone 25 miles. I met some awesome people and this definitely encouraged me to get stronger. And why did we all get together?

Because of bikes.

I love bikes.

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