Du the Bear Duathlon

Sunday was my first try at a real USAT (USA Triathlon) race. It was a duathlon held at bear creek park (2 mile run – 10 mile bike – 2 mile run). Not a charity ride where I can go slow or fast at my own leisure. I needed to try to go fast all the time, and I needed to pace myself so that I could finish the whole thing. It was a beautiful day, no wind and about 65 degrees the whole morning.

Run 1 – 17:20 for a 8:40 mile
T1 – 1:18
Bike – 34:07 for a 17.6 mph pace
T2 – 1:17
Run 2 – 18:00 for a 9:00 mile

Overall I had about a time of 1:12:03.
I ranked 184 overall and 2nd in the 20-24yr age group.

Better than I expected, so I feel good.

The runs were the hard part. I never really practiced going as fast as I could for 2 miles. I am not really a runner, but of course that is where the half of my race was so I should have practiced and maybe my time would have been a little better. During the second run I just had chest pain and heavy breathing the whole way. But then the sprint finish was like cake. I guess I didn’t push myself enough?

I was really fortunate on the ride. There was hardly any wind so I got a great ride time. My calves started to cramp up within the last 2 miles, which has never happened to me before. I was kind of scared they would totally cramp and I wouldn’t be able to finish but getting off the bike helped.

I realize better now that my pedal stroke is uneven because now my right butt cheek and my left quad are sore. But nothing else. haha.

Can’t wait til the next race. Gotta start swimming so I can do a tri!

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