A Little Self Reflection

The other day someone called me “athletic”, and I said “what are you talking about? I’m not athletic.” He gave me a look and I paused. Wait. I guess I am.

If you had asked me two years ago what my hobbies were, they would include video games, watching tv, and eating. I never imagined that I would be able to ride 25 miles in a day let alone 1.5hrs. I think my fastest mile before 2009 was around 14 mins and I definitely couldn’t run the whole thing.

As a child I was always the slowest one in PE. The least adept at volley ball, basket ball, soccer, any sport basically. I tried powder puff in college and that never went well. I have a hospital visit, chest X-ray and a CAT scan to prove it. And my knees always hurt. Lots of motivation to not be athletic.

Turns out I was doing the wrong sport.

It really goes to show that you need to experience a lot of things before you can really say “that’s not my thing”. And when you find something you really love; it can turn the whole picture around.

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