Being Pro Means…

Peeing off the bike.

Yea you heard me. If you’re a pro or even up there in cat 2 or 1, then you’ve peed off your bike. When you watch a tour on TV the stages are condensed into 2 hours so I would forget that actually these guys are on their bikes for 5 hrs. Well when it hit me, the first thing I wonder was…when do these guys pee? I mean you can’t get off to stop and pee. Waste of time right?

So of course, little naive me asked my friends that might know anything –
“How do the pros stay on the bike for so long without a pee break?”

Answers I got were:
“Careful monitoring of water intake.” (which is reasonable, but easily botched)
“They stop…how do they not stop?” (I was hoping you’d know…)

For a while I stuck with the idea: drink as much as you sweat. But recently through magazine perusing and reading Living the Dream. I was kicked out of my little bubble. This is what’s in the 3 hrs they cut out when they broadcast the tours! Oh well, I guess it’s not the end of the world that cyclists are a little less classy.

Seriously though I can’t imagine that it’d be that easy to race AND pee off the side of your bike. I bet opportunities arise when you and a teammate can stop and take a whiz break then get back into the pack, but what about those guys in the break away? Do some riders fall off the break cause they need to pee really bad?

And then you wonder what the female pros do…


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