So today I FINALLY took my bike out for a ride at Terry Hershey. About 2.5 miles into the ride, it started to pour. So then I hid myself under one of the underpasses and waited for it to let up.

It took about 10mins, but it was still too rainy to keep going. I feared the slippery pavement and a broken face. So I headed back to my car…blerg. On the way I splashed into a puddle and then my crank started making a funny sound and felt like something was grinding. I took it back to my car and cleaned it off. Rode it again and felt the same thing.

Took it home, cleaned it yet again and let it dry for about an hr, then rode it again. Same thing. So I determined it was the something in the BB, but would only do that when I put weight into the pedals. Gah. I definitely don’t have the tools to take it apart to see what’s inside, nor do I have the know how – thus called for a trip to Performance Bike.

After they inspected it, also determined it was a BB defect, they said we gotta keep it overnight so our head mechanic can take it apart tomorrow. BLAH. I was not happy with leaving my bike in someone else’s hands. Although, I know the head mechanic and he is a dependable and cool guy. I still don’t like not having my bike in my room.

So what a junky day. I finally get off my lazy ass to do some riding and break my bike enough to have to take it in to the shop. That’s it. When I get back from vacation and pick up my bike, I’m gonna sign up for something and start training again. This laziness has to stop!

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