Obesity. An obese person carries an excess of body fat. I’ve read or hear a few definitions. WebMD says if you are 20% over normal body weight, then you’re obese. I’ve had documentaries tell me that 100lbs over weight is considered obese. Then a few weeks ago, I hear CNBC call obesity an epidemic.

You usually associate the word epidemic with contagious diseases like the flu or the measles. But CNBC was serious. In the US, obesity is an epidemic. In 2008, no state had fewer than a 15% obesity rate.

What are the instigators? Over eating. Eating unhealthy foods. Being sedentary. Lack of knowledge. Genetics. Access to unhealthy foods (a whole other topic in itself these days – watch Food Inc. if you haven’t already). I’m sure there are more.

Why is obesity so bad? Complications that come with being obese. Type 2 diabetes. High blood pressure. Heart disease. Sleep apnea. And more.

The US spends 344 million dollars a year on fighting obesity.

It costs $50,000 a year to treat diabetes.

1 in 3 children are obese or overweight.

It makes me sad to know that so many other countries are fighting hunger. But we are fighting obesity. This needs to change.

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