Sun & Ski Fail

I’ve been in the market for my first snowboard because this sport is ridiculously awesome and I want to get better at it. So of course I head over to the local Sun & Ski to check out the Summer sales. Right now they have 25% off everything, which is pretty good and I found a pretty good looking board. Wherever I go I like to ask a lot of questions and scour the minds of the people that work there for opinions and info. But yesterday at this particular store, I knew more about snowboarding than anyone else there. My experience is 2 trips and 20 mins of How-To videos online.

It took 5 mins for 3 employees to figure out what size board I was. In fact, if you read this picture right here, you will know more about snowboarding than Sun & Ski Memorial City Mall.

So needless to say I was really turned off and do not want to buy anything from there. Too bad Houston only has 2 snowboard/board sport specialty stores. Otherwise I’d spend the whole weekend visiting stores/learning about snowboard gear/trying out gear. King Pinz was all sold out of my size and M2 Sports had a park board but nothing all mountain for me. Maybe I’ll just buy boots for now or probably limit my search to online. Which I don’t always like to buy major sporting gear online cause you don’t get the relationship with the shop that can be really helpful. Whatever. I’ll figure it out.

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