Houston Police Dept Moonlight Ride

Last night I went downtown to ride the Houston Police Department’s annual Moonlight Ride benefiting the the HPD. It was cool. They shut down 5 miles of Memorial (from downtown to Shepherd and back). It was a family thing so there were also 3 mini rest stops on the loop. It was super cute. Saw Fabrice and Derek, so I rode with Derek while we lost Fabrice somehow. Saw Andy and SuJohn at the end but they left for a Spazmatics show. Finished 20 miles in 80mins.

The humidity made breathing all the harder. I don’t know what’s up but I’ve been having problems with my heart, getting flutters, breathing heavily after too short a time. I had felt my anemia creeping up on me and started my iron supplements again, but it’s been 2 weeks and they don’t seem to be working. So maybe it’s time for a trip to the doc.

Anyway it was a cool change of pace from waking up super early to ride in the still-hot and humid mornings with the sun in your face. Still was hot tho.

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