Free CrossFit Day

Today was free CrossFit day at Lululemon in River Oaks. This store was really nice. And expensive. But the class was free to try so me and a bunch of my friends went to give it a go. Today I understood the true meaning of CrossFit and why some of my friends call it Pain Day.

The concept today was do 2 resistance workouts back to back as many times as you can within a 7 minute period. 3 different stations. 3 minutes rest in between. It was 10 Free Squats with a medicine ball + 5 Burpees, 10 Dip Lifts with weights + 10 Lunges with weights, finally 10 Kettlebell swings + Run a short distance.

I managed to get in from 5-7 sets at each station. This was like 10X the weight training I usually do. It really puts a workout into perspective. In 7 minutes I can do at least 5 sets of 10 Lunges and 10 Dip Lifts. That’s 50 Lunges AND 50 Dip Lifts! Holy Crap. I gotta step up my regular workouts. No more of this 3 sets with 10 reps in whatever time BS.

If you just go at it with no reprieve, you’re basically sprinting your way to big muscles. I tried to stay in control and pace myself. But I probably should have went all out on the last one. I think it’s the sprint-your-way-to-as-many-sets-as-possible mentality that really gets you into the best shape. The group aspect was also a big motivator as you’re watching people and making sure you don’t fall behind too much. Then at the end if you’re competitive you can compare your number of sets to everyone else’s.

Haven’t decided if I want to do this regularly as this is not really my kind of work out. But it was a good change of pace. I’ll have to incorporate the concepts into my routine.

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