Carbs and Clarity

So this is the week before the MS 150. Wah! I got my bike last Friday and have been making fit adjustments – shifted my cleats, moved the seat, got a shorter stem. It is feeling much much better, but I am still unsure about feeling perfect on the ride. I guess I will see. All this week I’ve also been stuff my face with pasta. I think after this is done I’ll probably eat my weight in pasta to recharge and then go on hiatus.

Also since last Friday as my bike is fitting better and better, my anxiety is decreasing. I am calmer and can think more clearly. I remember things better and can think more outwardly. It’s awesome. I think once this ride is over and I can tell I have no pain then I will be content. Like SUPER content. Especially with my job lining up the way I want it to, things are great. Finally!

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