New Kicks

Thanks Luke’s Locker. Got a lot of good feedback from Justin, the sales guy. He also worked at Bike Barn for a number of years. Apparently I have a good gait and don’t keep my foot on the ground too long. I roll the outside of my foot just a little much. But otherwise I can get any neutral shoe. Cool.

Got 10 days to break in my new Nike’s. Here we go.


In response to Danimal on the Vibram Five Fingers. I totally want those. But probably not a good idea to run long distance on pavement in those. Our forefathers didn’t have to chase their food on asphalt.

In response to Gau on forefathers not having Vibrams. They are more hoss than me. Plus they killed their meat before they ate it. I get mine from HEB in plastic wrap with an expiry date.

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