ConocoPhillips Training Ride 10 – Chappell Hill

Hard. Today’s training ride was hard. The first 20 miles were great, rolling hills, I was feeling good conquering them and then having fun descending. There was a big crowd. Roads were typically full of riders. I did get to see Ashley which was cool.

I think I used up too much energy at the beginning tho cause the last ten miles were hard. We had to fight the wind going uphill and then fight again downhill to gain momentum. It was a pretty stead uphill battle towards the end. Not many chances to gain momentum and fly up the hill. Erg. Avg 13mph. 44 miles.

At one point my pedal just unscrewed from my crank. What!? That was really weird and I couldn’t get it off my shoe, so the SAG wagon guy had to help me screw it back in while the pedal was still attached to my foot. haha.

That was fun.

Teresa kept up really well. I was impressed today. She was never more than 5 mins behind me.

I tried to remember to take more pictures today. Here’s one.

There were also lots of baby bluebonnets out there, but I didn’t stop to get that picture. Next time.

Afterward I went home ate and passed out for 3 hrs. About to pass out again soon. Running and riding tomorrow. Probably will be sore tomorrow. I’ll let you know, this will be the first ride where I came out sore on the other side.


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