iHome Bike to Beach Speaker System

So a while ago with while riding I got to pace with a woman who had an awesome loud speaker on her bike. The music made riding so much more enjoyable. I had been riding for 40+ miles already, but all of a sudden I was going faster and didn’t feel any sort of misery. I was like…I gotta get me some of those.

Thus the search for cool speakers began. Lots of them are bulky, and not aerodynamic, ugly. I don’t want to ugly up my awesome bike with speakers. So eventually I wander upon speakers by Apple. Apple! I can depend on them to look sleek and beautiful and of course they do. Their speaker system is designed to fit in a water bottle cage, looks almost like a water bottle and of course will fit all Apple music players. Awesome. Now these are slowly being the hit because well, it’s an Apple product. The last ride I think I saw 4 or 5 different people with the the bike speakers.

So I look them up on Amazon, and its at $50 right now. Ok not bad actually for Apple. Then I look at the specs. These speakers weigh 4 lbs. FOUR POUNDS. I paid $700 to upgrade bikes and shed 5 pounds off, and for 50 bucks I can put most of it back on. Why the hell would anyone want to add that back on? Music helps riding yes. But at 4lbs, it will hurt your riding more than help it.

So no thanks Apple. I am keeping my $50 bucks.

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