Tour de Houston

This morning’s weather proved to be cold as ass and quite windy, so I decided to go for the 40 mile route instead of braving the 70 miler. That is a decision I am quite happy with. Picked up Teresa, and we made our way over to City Hall for the start. The first 24 miles were COLD and WINDY. Pushed us back pretty easily and on top of that we had multiple stops for traffic lights, so we couldn’t use our momentum at those points. Drafted Andy at some points. That helped. Overall the wind made for a pretty tiring ride, but an awesome tailwind on the way home. Fell over at one of the lights on my elbow. No scrapes, maybe a bruise.

Didn’t really keep track of time and forgot to reset my bike computer so there’s no knowing what my average was. Oh well. It was cool riding through downtown and San Felipe. Wish it would have been warmer, less windy, and on a new bike. But what can you do? Just take what the world gives you, get angry and then get even.

Afterward I ate some pasta and went running at Terry Hershey with JPai. It was a good change from riding TH, and hoofing up those hills instead of flat running was different. Probably did 2-2.5 miles? No anger there. Just really tired.

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