The Chinese Diet

Yesterday was Papa Yu’s birthday, so we do our simple celebration of going out to dinner. Of course my dad picks a little place in Chinatown because he can’t go a meal without rice. Now I grew up on a Chinese Diet, but after countless nutrition talks from a guy I once dated and hours on WebMD, NY Times and the like…I am enlightened. Don’t get me wrong, I love Chinese food. I was pretty excited to get to go to Chinatown and devour all those delicious meats, but now I know just what an unbalanced diet my culture perpetuates.

So what did we order last night? 2 meat appetizers, green beans, the house special tofu dish, ribs, shrimp and white rice – which translates to 1 Starch, 5 Protein and 1 Veggie. But actually the green beens were even stir fried with ground pork, so the more acurate translation might be – 5.5 Protein and 0.5 Veggies. haha. YUM. Basically what I’m getting at is there is a major tip towards eating meats in this diet. Which mean’s we’re all going to get atherosclerosis and have heart attacks at the age of 45.

I’m not even going to talk about how much oil we use and the ratio of fried/stir fried to steamed dishes. lol.

Also, theres little to no fiber in much of the food we eat. Veggies have fiber – yes, but the largest source of fiber in someone’s diet is grain and we don’t eat that. So one might ask when do Chinese people Poop? And the answer is maybe once every week when our Colon’s get backed up. (This statistic is based on 4 months of living in Hong Kong. Also there is only one data point in this statistic so please comment to add more.) Once every week? This sucks considering a person should poop at least once a day. You don’t want to be carrying around a weeks worth of food waste in your body. Thats probably 2 lbs of crap in your colon depending on your size. Gross.

I’m sure the Chinese health commision or whatever government department that monitors public health was aware of this as Digestive Crackers were sold everywhere. These babies were like fiber and sugar pressed into cracker form. Worked really well, but you had to remember to eat them…

So moral of the story? Papa Yu needs to eat Digestives.

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