Road Bike Action Magzine

It’s here! I ordered 2 years of this mag after I started to realize the Bicycling Magazine was really a mag for beginners. It just has general info for getting fit, eating right, buying the right bike and some product reviews. Now that my obsession has grown, I need a magazine that can tell me about what pro teams are doing, how Campy Athena compares to the newest 2009 Ultegra group set, and how Contador and Armstrong are gonna go head to head this year in the Tour de France.

No disses to Bicycling Magazine. I still like it’s fun and witty articles, but I wanted a serious Cycling Mag. So I’ll try this one for the next two years, April’s issue has proved to be exactly what I was looking for. Now we’ll see how serious I will take this sport.

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