Dance Some More!

So today after work I headed to the Dance Place on Chimney Rock and Richmond. They have a bunch of different dance lessons, rooms for rent, and a huge floor where people take private/professional lessons. While I was waiting for class I got to watch some Viennese waltz, professional salsa, and this one couple that kept tripping over each other.

Today was the start of a 4 week beginner Hip Hop dance lessons. I had taken salsa here, but wanted to keep at hip hop. Mondays are one of my free days, so it just fit. The teacher, Marissa is pretty cool. She seems to be about my age and pretty knowledgeable on dance. We go twice as slow as the MET tho. This is good because I can take the time to really learn the steps, but at the same time I feel like it is kind of slow. Oh well. I’m here for the next 3 weeks. I’ll just keep working on my coordination and dance style.

Maybe next I’ll try a modern or contemporary dance class. That might fit my personality better.

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