Spring Breakaway

This morning was the Spring Breakaway ride with the ConocoPhillips Bike Club. Have I not told you about the CP bike club? Oh my bad. So Daninmal introduced me to the bike club a few weeks ago. This is a training series set up by CP. 12 weeks. One ride a weekend to prepare for the MS 150. $125 for late registrants and you get full support on your rides. If you get to ride all 12, then that’s a pretty damn good deal considering charity rides are all at least $25 each. I joined about 4 weeks in, and I’ve missed one, so I’ll get 9 fully supported rides. Still a good deal. They have been partnering with organized charity rides recently, so that’s why I’ve been posting on those.

Today was the last charity-partnered ride, called Spring Breakaway. And the last flat ride. I did the 37 miler today, finished in a little less than 3 hrs. That’s 12.3 mph. Yay. I feel like I improved, but I have to factor in the tail wind. Man was that fabulous. Today I also have to claim hypocrisy as I…turned on my Serfas bike computer. haha. I know I said I don’t like to workout with too many measurements, but really the overall timing myself was getting me down and I was beginning to question my ability to gauge my speed. However, thanks to the wind I had a good measurement day. I was getting up to 19mph on flats and averaged about 16.5 mph after 30miles. I was flying. Best morale boost ever.

But what’s a ride in Katy, without wind in your face? So yes. The last 7 miles I got a good dose of wind in my face. This leg I averaged about 11-12 mph. At the end of the day my computer said I had been on the bike for 2.5 hrs and averaged 14.6 mph. woo! Maybe I should keep using the computer to really know my speed and not my overall speed. That might help my training cause I am freaking tired and kind of sore right now. The 6 miles yesterday probably helped. Ah so my workout philosophy is changing. I will flip flop in and out for a while until I decide what works best…

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