Good Weekend

For those of you that keep up with my blog, yes I did post date the last three posts. I have been pretty busy this weekend so I didn’t have time to write until now. If you don’t feel like reading them, don’t worry. I really like having this blog cause it helps me keep track of my progress and thoughts; I don’t expect people to read it, though it makes me feel good to know people enjoy my writing. Anyway, to save you time I can give you a quick run down of my workout weekend through short phrases and adjectives.

Here we go.

Ran. 2 miles.

Hip Hop Class. Awesome.
Ran 6 miles. Paced slow.
Abs hurt. =(
Pasta lunch.
Pasta dinner.

ConocoPhillips Training ride. 37 miles.
Fig newtons, regular pretzels, animal crackers and peanut butter filled pretzels. Yum.
Fish and bread lunch.
Tired. Nap. Yay.

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