So after I wrote that post, I think I got out some of those lingering emotions, tried to put aside the sad and decided to get off the slump. I started by going to HEB and buying myself some fresh fruit and other healthy snacks. Yay. For some reason a walk through the grocery store always relaxes and refreshes me. And buying food adds to the fun.

The next day I got to get out of work early, so I took the time to go workout at the gym. While there they convinced me to take advantage of the deal they were having. Awesome, cause I cut my monthly payment in half. Had to sign up for another yr, but I think it’s worth it cause I don’t see myself not going to the gym. It’s great for their classes, and it’s a good for when the weather is ugly or cold. Plus I have the nationwide deal and Bally’s has pretty good coverage in all the major cities.

Had a good workout with my new Sansa Clip. That music really did make my time on the treadmill go fast. Logged 2 miles and then just jumped from machine to machine.

Good start to a good weekend.

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