Hip to the Hop

So I planned to do the 5k Rodeo Run this morn, but I flaked out cause I didn’t want to pay and felt that I would be too out of shape since I hadn’t worked out much this whole month. Plus I’ve never actually done a full 5k without stopping to walk, and I didn’t want to look like a wuss in front of 13,000 Houstonians.

Instead I decided to take the one free Saturday morning and go to the Houston Metropolitan Dance company and take this Hip-Hop class I’ve been dying to try. Thanks to Alec for recommending the MET. The instructor was hilarious. He was an effeminate man with a small lisp and a get-it-done-and-have-fun attitude. It made the class all the more fun. At the beginning we did this intense core workout, so now it hurts to sneeze. And he did go really fast so that was good in that I think it makes the class challenging, but I didn’t have time to perfect the steps. Plus everyone was pretty much focused on themselves and trying to get it right so you didn’t really have to worry about looking like a fool cause no one was paying attention. Once these ConocoPhillips Training rides end, I’ll have to go back…because hip hop is awesome. Then maybe one day I’ll be able to do this. Haha.
After that I made my way to Rice and ran the outer loop. 32.06 minutes. No stopping. woohoo. I actually paced myself. haha. This is good I think it will help me in my overall ability to pace. I made sure to leave energy cause I wanted to run the steps in the football stadium to get a good quad workout. No dice. Some guy kicked me out, so I just ran another loop. This time I ran it the way I like to, which is GO FAST for about 300 meters or so then walk until I feel better, then GO AGAIN. Horrible way to run, I know but I think it came from the way I bike – cause it’s easy to coast on a bike. You don’t always have to be pedaling. Anyway, I’m breaking the habit so yay.

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