One Long Stretch

When I went snowboarding a few weeks ago I wiped out and twisted my left knee worse than any other fall. I groaned, laid in the snow for a little bit and then got up and kept going. It wasn’t so bad that I couldn’t go another run. When I got back to Houston, I still felt a dull pain in my knee so I just decided to take it easy for a week. Well it’s week two and there’s little sign of improvement. I’ve stayed away from running and just kept to weight lifting, but yesterday there was Yoga at Bally so to Yoga I went. I thought one long stretch could really do my body some good.

The instructor was a sweet old lady who really knew her stuff. As she went through the poses she would describe what part of the body was being affected -“pull the knee to your chest, opening up your transverse colon”…

“Shake away all your anxiety, frustrations and tension…”
“Rock back and forth, this is good for digestion…”
“Now go into dolphin, no forehead wrinkling…”
“Left brain, right brain, tighten your thighs together…”

It was actually pretty interesting and as I lay there in child’s pose I wondered if all that stuff was true. Was my blood flowing more easily? Was my brain becoming more active? Would I need to use the bathroom right after massaging my colon? Even if they weren’t I still felt pretty clear headed and relaxed for most of the session. Not to mention all that stretching made me more limber and flexible. Yoga is great.

However, my knee is not much better. Doing a ride tomorrow. Might have to re-evaluate my knee after this ride. Hopefully it will be ok.

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