Food Tastes Good

Ugh. I just did the typical and ate myself into an impending food coma. Since I moved home I’ve found it hard to keep up a healthy and happy diet.

First I don’t do the grocery shopping and do almost no cooking now. Bad bad bad. My mom doesn’t know what’s healthy, what’s not, what’s more healthy or just ok, etc. She doesn’t balance the meats and veggies well. And of course, in a traditionally Asian home, we always have rice for dinner. Pure starch. I try to cut down on the amount I eat, but that just means I’m still hungry and fill myself up with the loads of meat my mom cooks. She doesn’t always buy the veggies I like, so more often than not I skip those. Result? Probably a little bit of weight gain; probably a little bit of wear on my performance, and mostly a lack of the vitamins I need. I’m already feeling anemic again, and I’ve been taking my daily multivite.

What’s more, my mom doesn’t always cook the food I want to eat at the time I feel like eating. So I will snack or starve. When dinner finally comes around I will eat too much or not that much and feel bad after. And if it’s not food I particularly like, I’m not satisfied despite my being full. Maybe I’m complaining too much, I mean having my mom cook dinner really gives me more time to work out or do other things, but I live to eat; I love to cook. I love everything about food. And I hate doing dishes. Not being able to do eat or cook what I want is wearing on my physical and emotional health. I need to find a good medium or I will eventually hate this situation and steer myself down a path of unhappiness.

First I need to find a way to get out of doing dishes…

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