Memorial Park Runs

Last week Sajida, Asha and I started doing the 3 mile loop at Memorial park, which has been great because you feel so accomplished after running a real 3 miles and not on some random treadmill. Anyway, last week my running mates were still getting started so we’d do 3 miles in about 50 mins and then some random abs stuff and I would go for another round. I seem to average 35 mins one round.

Today I did about 4 miles. 1 mile while waiting for Asha and then we did 3 miles in about 40 mins. Pretty good, she bumped up her pace by 10 mins in one week.

Will try to go out tomorrow, but I don’t think I can manage running, LIFE and a trip to REI all in one night so I will have to decide which things to do.

Snowboarding soon! I need to pack.

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