Getting Ready to Board!

Yesterday I took a trip to Sun & Ski and then REI to look for a ski/snowboarding jacket. I haven’t done a good job. Partly because I didn’t want to spend the money…but of course that bites me in the ass because I had to buy the jacket full price. Luckily, Sajida has a pair of goggles that I can borrow, so I can still keep my eye out for my own pair and save my money for one next time.

Here’s there new addition to my closet:

It’s the Obermeyer Paris Jacket. I would have liked it with more white, but they didn’t have it at the store. Also, I bet more white would just mean more dirty. So I try to avoid white technical clothes.

I also bought the Salomon Helix Midlayer cause it was sooo light and warm, but the color is “wine”, which I’m not too crazy about. I’ll prob return that and spend my money on something I really love.

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