Tour de Pink

So Friday was coming down with a fever and a cough. It was a bad time to get sick because I had signed up for the Tour de Pink. Anyway, I waited to see if it would get better, but Saturday, the fever got worse, so I slept all day, drank tons of OJ and ate Vitamin C candies and took dayquil. I went to bed at 8pm and woke up periodically until 3am, I woke up, fever broken and feeling surprisingly good. So I slept some more, got up at 5am, packed up my bike and drove off to the Tour de Pink. It was a great ride. Cloudy, humid but cool, not too crowded. I was feeling great for most of the ride. After 50 or so miles I was aching in a lot of places. Finally finished at 63 miles. I tried to really push myself the last leg of the ride so if I’m sore tomorrow it will have paid off. =D

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