A bike and a backpack

so this weekend I really took advantage of my free time and went biking every day. Saturday I just went to the Memorial Park Picnic loop to try out my new bike shoes. they are little too roomy so I think I’ll have to exchange them for a smaller size. Sunday morning I went to Terry Hershey and did about 13-14 miles then today I borrowed a mountain bike from my friend Mikey and went with Ted to Memorial Park. The first 5 mins I took it too fast and crashed. haha…then I figured out I have to supress the road biker in me and take it slow. The rest of the time we spent trying to figure out which trails were the easiest. It kind of made me miss my road bike.

also since everyone is having a sale I went to REI again and then the mall to load up on discount gear for the trip. I’ve been doing pretty well so far, getting most of my gear for at least 10% off. But then I came upon this the Tholu North Face Daypack. I really like the Soil Brown color and that all the proceeds go to the Khumbu Climbing School. Of course this will never go on sale because its for a good cause and its a great daypack; it even has a laptop/hydration panel.

After yesterday I got to check off most of the listed items on the Trek Kit List. So next up is buying the anti malaria pills and the anti altitude sickness pills. More updates to come later! Now its time to watch the Vuelta!

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