Busy Day

Things I need to do this weekend:
Workout 3 times – (1) 930am to 1030am Spin Class at Bally
(2) Nothing, Fail
(3) Nothing again, Double Fail
Mail off VISA forms – Check – mailed after working out
Go to REI to get the backpack fitted to my frame – Check!
Start breaking in my hiking boots – Not started, Fail Again =(
Clean my room – Half Check!
Get an oil change – Fail!

Also! I ordered 250 wrist bands as thank you gifts for everyone that’s donated to my cause. I’ll be passing them out soon. Once I get a camera I’ll start posting pictures too.


So today (Sunday) I spent like 4hrs at REI because they were having a sale. haha. I did buy some good lightweight pants, comfortable shirt, gloves, small towel, 100% DEET bugspray, and other little essentials (like re-hydration packets, antibiotics, etc).

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