Hiking in Austin!

So last weekend I drove up to Austin for a hike in the great outdoors. Wow there were so many choices of state parks to go to . I ended up choosing McKinney Falls and went with my friends Chris, Caitlin and Adam. There was a 3 mile hike ending with water fall, but the falls were pretty dry considering the season. Although we know next time to bring swim suits to cool off in the falls. There were some families there daring their kids to jump off the top of the falls. It was a good time.

I found a good deal on some Gore Tex mid range hiking boots on Sierra Trading post, so they will be coming in the mail soon. I’m also looking for a good deal on cameras. Whenever I travel, my souveniers are always my pictures/videos.

Alright, I must get back to business. Thanks for keeping up with me!

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