Slumpped, but now I’m back

Hello! I know its been about a month since I last posted. Last month was really slow and unproductive for me. I didn’t train or fundraise much and now that I’m less than 3 months away from my trip, the realization has hit me. This last week I researched flights, hiking gear, vaccines and visas. The logistics for this trip is incredible. I can’t imagine if I were handling it on the Charity Challenge side (they are organizing the actual hike for 20 people).

I just got back from a 13 mile ride at Terry Hershey. It has been maybe 3 weeks since I last rode; I forgot which side I clip out of first! Talk about a hard time. The heat coupled with my disagreeing heart made the ride stressful. I got winded during the first 2 miles and had to sit down from dizziness. But I got back on and finished the rest of the ride. So now I need to get my heart healthy again and then improve my strength. I’m going to try and gather all my gear next month so that I can have a month training with the weight on my back. I will be one of those crazies who brings a whole hiking backpack to the gym to get on the stair master. haha. I was told that we will have porters to carry our packs, but I can’t imagine that they would carry it the whole way. I mean if they’re carrying my stuff, who’s carrying theirs? So I think I need to be fit enough to carry it at least half way.

Another thing I found that’s been tough is fundraising. When you’re fundriasing on your own, there’s little motivation because well, I could just save up and pay it all myself. But that defeats the purpose of the challenge and the purpose of fundraising. Often times people forget that fundraising is also about spreading the word, not just asking for money.  I want to go so that I can see first-hand what it’s like. Get inspired or just informed. Anyway I’m trying to find the motivation to set up events and to just ask for money. Everyone feels bad asking for money, but if you didn’t ask then nothing would happen. Right? Easy to say and know, hard to do. But I guess therein lies the challenge.

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