Training Update

Hello! Training is going well. I am going to try to follow a 9 week plan to be able to jog 30 minutes or 3 miles comfortably. Thanks for the advice Linh!( Of course this will be a modified plan since I’m also doing a lot of bike riding. In fact this weekend I will be heading to Austin to do the Atlas Ride with Alex. It’s the ride that kick starts the Texas 4000’s 72 day ride and benefits their cause, fighting cancer. I’m excited! It will be a ~75 mile ride. Hopefully I will do better than I did at the MS (75 miles in 8hrs). I’ll let you know what happens. =D


Altas Ride was great! Really hot and I think I was more dehydrated than I realized, but I had a good time. I ended up doing the 52 miler instead to save time and get out of the heat sooner. But I’m glad I did that because I had enough time to relax with food afterwards and now I’m ready to ride another day.

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